Through caring about their employees and community, RBA confirmed their Employer Partner status

Raiffeisenbank Austria has been the employer of the Employer Partner certificate for half a decade. During this year’s recertification, RBA again achieved very high results in all assessed areas, and especially stood out with a well-established human resources management strategy and transparent recruitment and selection processes.

In order to increase the knowledge and competencies of its employees, RBA provides many educational programs for them. Employees of all hierarchical levels have the opportunity to attend trainings, and in addition to external trainings such as various seminars, conferences, educations and workshops, the Bank also has an elaborate system of internal trainings. It is therefore not surprising that last year more than 90% of employees were involved in some form of additional training. The bank is especially proud of its IT Academy, a program aimed at developing intrapreneurship and getting to know internal and external clients and industry trends, and in addition, the company has been cooperating with various faculties (FER, FOI, PMF) for years through organizing scholarships and internships.

RBA has also shown they care about their employees through various programs to improve the quality of life and maintain a balance of business and private life. This was especially evident during 2020, when the company, in response to the crisis caused by the pandemic and earthquake in Zagreb, provided employees with professional psychological support and non-taxable rewards, and special care was taken of the most vulnerable groups of employees. These and other commendable practices this year also brought the Bank the Excellence During Challenges award.

In 2019, RBA proudly marked 25 years of business in Croatia and on that occasion showed that, in addition to its employees, it also cares about the community in which it operates. As part of the Yellow goes Green campaign, the company has launched a new socially responsible business platform aimed at responding to environmental and climate change. In addition to financial support in the form of various sponsorships, the company’s employees participated in one of the largest afforestation campaigns in the burned areas in Dalmatia by planting as many as 6,000 seedlings.

It is a special feeling when the recognition for excellence arrives at our address from year to year. Being recognized as a positive example of an organization that cares, empowers and enhances the position and development of its employees, motivates us to continue to set high goals that we do not give up on. The support and involvement of colleagues from different departments in creating everything that will help our employees to be satisfied and successful is a confirmation that only through joint engagement can we develop a strong team.“, noted Irena Bašić Štefanić, Head of Human Resources and Organizational development.