The latest holders of the Excellence During Challenges award

Since April of 2020, SELECTIO has been awarding the Excellence During Challenges award to those companies that have demonstrated quality people management and care for the well-being of their employees during the pandemic.

The awarded companies recognized that in unpredictable circumstances they need to be agile and continuously adjust their goals and work organization, communicate transparently with their employees, and take care of their health. One of the most important goals of the Excellence During Challenges project is the exchange of quality employee management practices in unpredictable circumstances. Holders of this recognition share their experiences and practices and thus sensitize the general public about the importance of caring for employees even in periods when the company’s business is jeopardized.

In September, holders of the Excellence During Challenges award were joined by the following companies:

  • Hrvatska pošta
  • Span

Zagreb’s DUKAT has played an important role in the country’s stability and consumer safety through the regular supply of food to the market, a high level of business ethics and communication with consumers. Furthermore, DUKAT demonstrated a high degree of social responsibility and solidarity through the implementation of intervention purchase of milk from smaller dairy companies and their milk producers, but also through the introduction of food donations across the country, further strengthening their position of the largest food donor in Croatia. What also marked this year for our largest dairy company is the reorganization of business processes with the aim of protecting the health and well-being of their employees as well as the smooth continuation of business processes at all levels.

DUKAT has thus developed a number of outstanding programs for the protection and support as well as the practices for motivating, valuing and rewarding their employees, such as:

  • financial rewarding of the most exposed employees as well as preservation of all material incomes and jobs during the lockdown
  • free psychological help for employees and their family members
  • financial assistance to employees whose homes were destroyed during the earthquake in Zagreb and the surrounding area
  • innovation competition and awarding the best ideas, with the aim of strengthening the sense of commitment and motivation of employees and shifting the focus to the future of business
  • internal survey of engagement and satisfaction, which showed a high level of commitment of Dukat’s employees, and many other activities.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Hrvatska pošta has focused on retaining all workers’ rights, so that all obligations to workers are still being fulfilled, such as a stable salary and the payment of all benefits and bonuses. Good performance bonuses, payments to the third pension pillar, as well as a variable part of the salary are still being paid to the employees. A strong focus is also placed on communication and safety at work. Through daily newsletters and numerous digital channels, workers and customers receive all relevant information for safe and easy work. Additionally, the existing psychological support program has been expanded to make it easier for workers to cope with the new circumstances, and their managers, who have been trained for this through the Hrvatska pošta Academy are always available to them. Solidarity with the community was shown through initiatives such as the donation of respirators for the Sveti Duh Hospital as well as the delivery of humanitarian aid organized in cooperation with the Red Cross. For the workers affected by the earthquake in Zagreb, the employer, in addition to the funds paid according to the benefits from the Collective Agreement, also showed additional solidarity since the Management and Board waived 30% of their salary for April. In the next period, the preservation of income stability as well as the safety of workers will remain the focus of Hrvatska pošta.

Through numerous activities during the most intensive COVID-19 quarantine, Span provided all employees with a sense of security in very uncertain times. Employees were enabled to work from home in a timely manner with all the necessary equipment and the transparent and two-way communication was timely achieved through weekly Span TV live events, where employees had the opportunity to ask questions to the Management. Free psychological help, mental health workshops and numerous other educations on the topic of coping with stressful situations were organized. At the same time, employee salaries and benefits have not changed, and some additional benefits have been provided. “Even during the Covid crisis, Span employees recognized and highly valued the engagement of their management, the Crisis team and HR, related to navigation through the unusual circumstances that the pandemic brought with it. We are proud that SELECTIO has also recognized the value of our practices during this challenging period and rewarded our efforts with the Excellence During Challenges recognition! We believe that this recognition is a reflection of the stability of Span, which will also be a guarantee for the delivery of top-quality services in all crisis and unpredictable conditions to our customers.”, said Antonija Kapović, HR Director and Member of the Board at Span.

Current holders of the Excellence During Challenges award