The Future Resilience program

The Future Resilience program is designed for empowering your employees in building resilience to cope with stressful and unpredictable situations. The program includes 5 educations on building resilience in coping with stress and individual sessions for supporting employees with SELECTIO experts.


  1. The role of emotional intelligence in resilience
  • recognising our own and other people’s emotional states
  • understanding the role of different emotions
  • managing your emotions
  • using your emotions for personal development and dealing more successfully with challenges
  1. The role of assertiveness in resilience
  • raising awareness of yourself and your communication style
  • clearly communicating one’s own needs and limits
  • ensuring mutual understanding
  • constructive relationship management, even if we disagree with someone
  1. Dealing with stress and preventing burnout
  • becoming aware of what is stressful to us: which thoughts lead to unpleasant emotions, and then consequently the reaction and behaviour
  • impact of stress on psychophysical health
  • techniques for reducing stress symptoms and addressing the causes of stress
  • building resilience for better long-term coping with uncertainty, worries and unpleasant emotions
  1. Understanding and managing changes
  • understanding the root and nature of the change process
  • how to deal with change personally
  • understanding resistance to change
  • change as an opportunity for growth and development
  1. Empathy as a tool for understanding needs and increasing team cohesion
  • the importance of empathy in the workplace
  • building empathy for colleagues
  • truly listening to the interlocutor and hearing and what he/she does not say directly, to recognise the unspoken needs
  • identifying potential in diversity

Educations are carried out in the form of webinars to enable participation for all employees. The duration of the webinar is 4 hours. The recommended interval between the two educations is one month within which participants complete follow-up activities that encourage self-reflection and monitoring their own behaviour to consolidate gained knowledge and to identify additional room for improvement.

Depending on the needs of the organisation, 6-hour educations can be organised for groups of up to 15 participants where the content deepens and involves greater interaction of participants.


Your employees, as well as their close family members, can talk to an expert, free of charge and anonymously, about the difficulties that bother them. Our experts can support your employees in relation to various difficulties:

  • dealing with reactions, emotions and stress caused by recent earthquakes
  • coping with stress
  • dealing with changes
  • managing and coping with emotions (sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, mood swings, etc.)
  • coping with losses and mourning
  • coping with difficulties in family relationships
  • dealing with work relationship difficulties
  • organising work from home and managing time
  • prevention and mitigation of burnout consequences
  • career development
  • coping with other challenges

This service is provided by graduate psychologists who have received education in psychological counselling and/or are psychotherapy practitioners.

Even if employees do not currently show the need to talk, the fact that they have the opportunity to call and seek support increases their psychological safety and trust towards their employer.

The program includes 10 appointments (lasting 30 minutes) of telephone/video individual sessions. If the need arises, the number of sessions may increase. The price of each additional term is 400,00kn + VAT.

The price of the program is 39.000 HRK + VAT.

All organisations that allow their employees to attend education and individual sessions will be awarded the “Future Resilience” badge. The badge is given for recognising and promoting organisations that care about the mental health of their employees.

We offer a 15% discount for the entire program for winners of the Employer Partner Ceritificate or Excellence During Challenges recognition.