Excellence During Challenges – an acknowledgement for quality employee management during unforeseen circumstances


During these uncertain and challenging circumstances that have engulfed the entire world, quality human resource management is more important than ever. For this reason, through the Certificate Employer Partner project, SELECTIO Group recognizes organizations that have developed quality practices for HR management during unforeseen circumstances.


Excellence During Challenges is a project that offers organizations the opportunity to evaluate their practices of HR management during unforeseen circumstances in the following areas:


  • Agile HR
  • Strategic planning and work organization
  • Crisis communication
  • Physical health and safety of employees
  • Employee empowerment and well-being
  • Leadership in times of crisis
  • Technological and digital readiness

After the evaluation of their HR practices, the organization receives a structured overview of the organization’s status, benchmark comparison with other organizations on the market and suggestions for further enhancing their practices for management in unforeseen circumstances.

Organizations evaluated by the Excellence During Challenges project methodology are also given the opportunity to share their employee management practices with other organizations, including through the SELECTIO MeetUp online platform for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of employee management. In this way, they contribute to the development of HR practices particularly relevant during unpredictable circumstances on the market and sensitize the general public about their impact on employee satisfaction and well-being.

Excellence During Challenges is simultaneously:

  • a methodology for assessing the development of practices of HR management in unpredictable circumstances and comparing them against the best global practices
  • a benchmark tool for comparison with other organizations on the market
  • a developmental tool that helps organizations improve their practices in order to care for their employees in a more quality way and to realize their business strategy successfully during unforeseen circumstances
  • a platform for promoting and sharing quality employee management practices

For more information on participating in this project, feel free to contact us using the following contact: martina.kessler@selectio.hr.

Current holders of the Excellence During Challenges recognition