Certificate Employer Partner

SELECTIO Group, with the support of its partners, initiated the Certificate Employer Partner project for excellence in Human Resources Management. This certificate is awarded to the organizations that, regardless of their size and publicity, comply with the HRM quality standards.

The project’s mission of Certificate Employer Partner is to:

  • upgrade HRM processes
  • promote HRM departments/function
  • promote the importance of quality HRM in business and other organizations, and concurrently reward the best among them
  • raise larger public awareness among the broad public of the HRM importance.

Certificate Employer Partner is awarded based on evaluation of 45 human resource management processes.

The Certificate demonstrates the success of the employer in an independent and measurable way, which, accompanied with media promotion, presents an excellent tool in the promotion of the organization and appealing to the best employees.

Benefits from certification process:

Detailed analysis

  • Swift, thorough and structured assessment of HRM processes
  • Gap analysis that enables recognizing priority developmental projects
  • Benchmark analysis – comparison with employers from the region
  • Comparison between daughter companies or regional companies within one group

Development support

  • Suggestions for improvement of the HRM function
  • Examples of best HR practices
  • Support in implementation of HRM processes
  • Monitoring the development of the function throughout the years

Strong promotion

  • Reinforcement of the brand through additional recognition
  • Building of the image of a desirable employer and business partner
  • Utilization of the Employer Partner logo and status in internal and external communication
  • Promotion through marketing campaign of the Project

The methodology developed for this project, continuously upgraded by certifications in best Croatian organizations, provides the use of the Certificate Employer Partner as a quality tool for evaluation, design and implementation of Human Resources Management processes.

The Certificate has been awarded to some of the currently most successful Croatian companies. The list of actual winners see here.

For more information visit our web site Certificate Employer Partner.