SOS-Children’s Village confirmed the status Employer Partner

SOS-Children’s Village Croatia is the first nongovernmental association carrier of the Certificate Employer Partner. This year after participation in the recertification procedure it reconfirmed its status.

On this opportunity the Certificate accepted Mrs. Visnja Tuskan Krupic, the Director of the National Bureau on the Christmas banquet on the 17th of December 2008 in the SOS-Children’s Village Lekenik.

SOS Children’s Villages look after children without parents or parental care, regardless of their race, nationality or faith, providing them with love and security in the family environment, as well as a permanent home and education needed for happy and peaceful childhood.

Also this year the SOS Children’s Village Croatia demonstrated how modern systems of managing of human resources can be successfully placed in the nongovernmental association and how its improving is the key for the successful business. Tasks and work principles of employees in the SOS Children’s Village (SOS – mother, aunty and experts) establish high standards also in the managing of human resources. These standards are relating to elaborated systems of employing, monitoring and motivating, educations and internal communication between all levels of employees who prove care and nurture to children. The approach and the work with employees are the base which is carried on the children to be happy, competent and diligent part of the society and to contribute its development and prosper.