Seven INA Group companies awarded the Employer Partner status again

INA and six other members of INA Group were awarded the Employer Partner certificate this year again. Along with INA, CROSCO, STSI, INA MAZIVA, Top Računovodstvo Servisi, Plavi tim and INA Maloprodajni servisi were also awarded the Employer Partner status. Also, INA achieved the highest scores out of all companies certified as part of the CEP project in the past year, and thus found itself at the top of the list of TOP 5 Employers Partners.

As part of the certification for the status of Employer Partner, companies are evaluated in five extensive HR areas – in the field of HR strategy, recruitment and selection, employee performance management and training and development, and in the field of employee relations. The certification team particularly highlighted the efforts that are being made in the certified companies of INA Group to adapt HR practices to internal needs, but also to trends and best practices on the market. For example, in this year’s evaluation process, INA achieved a higher result in all areas that have not been evaluated with the maximum rating so far, while the other six awarded companies also achieved higher overall results than last year, which really speaks of commitment to quality and continuous development of the entire INA Group.

Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Human Resources Director at INA, thanked for the certificates and said: “Despite the extremely demanding market and working conditions brought by the pandemic in 2020, we are proud to say that INA Group has achieved the best results so far in the field of human resource management. Continuous investments in the care for employees within the company is being recognized year after year, and such an approach has proven to be very important in this year full of challenges. We remain focused on the well-being of our employees, with an emphasis on reconciling their private and business lives, as well as on their motivation, which we believe is the key to success.”

In July, all INA Group companies awarded this certificate also received the Excellence During Challenges reward, which recognizes those companies that show commitment to ensuring the well-being and satisfaction of their employees during the challenging period of the coronavirus pandemic. In INA Group, they point out that they have adapted to all challenges on time and ensured uninterrupted operations. With the help of their flexible forms of work, they ensured quick adjustment to remote work with all the necessary work equipment and digital tools, while those employees who must be present at the location due to the nature of their work were provided with the necessary protective equipment. Also, on a daily basis, the instructions of the relevant institutions are followed, the business is adjusted to all preventive measures, analyses are performed and work is reorganized in order to reduce health and safety risks for employees and customers.

Holders of the Employer Partner certificate