Seven INA Group companies awarded the Employer Partner certificate

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to INA for the eighth time in December 2019. Besides INA, six INA Group companies were awarded this certificate, and so the holders are also CROSCO, STSI, INA MAZIVA, Top Računovodstvo Servisi, Plavi tim and, for the first time, INA Maloprodajni servisi, which is a testament to the quality of employee management processes that INA Group nurtures at the level of the entire group.

In this year’s certification process, INA achieved an impressive score of 98% of the total possible points, which placed the company among the TOP 5 Employer Partners and at the top of the most desirable employers in Croatia.

During this year’s certification process, all awarded companies have demonstrated quality employee management in all five assessed areas – Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development and Employee Relations. The companies were particularly praised for the quality of their practices when it comes to recruitment and selection processes and employee relations practices. The companies have demonstrated the ensuring of equal opportunities, as well as the protection of data collected in the recruitment and selection process, but also quality employment planning and a high standard of managing and supervising the recruitment and selection processes in general. The companies stand out with their well-established internal communication processes and regularly survey employee satisfaction, and in this year’s certification process the progress made in using flexible working arrangements in dependent companies that have recertified was also praised, as well as the high investments in employee wellbeing, and quality management of temporary workforce.

Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Human Resources Director at INA, accepted the Employer Partner certificate on behalf of INA from Martina Kessler, Head of the Certificate Employer Partner project.

„Despite the highly demanding market, we are proud to say that INA has achieved the best results in the field of human resources management so far and that continuous investments in employee wellbeing are recognized year after year. We will continue to develop a positive company culture and programs with the aim of furtherly increasing the satisfaction of our employees, because they are the ones our company’s achievements are based on. We have built a successful business with them throughout our 55-year history, and for that, we are grateful to them, and so we want to maintain the status of a desirable employer in their eyes, but also in the eyes of all our future employees.“, noted Vladimira Senčar Perkov, Human Resources Director at INA.

On behalf of INA’s dependent companies, the certificate was accepted by Crosco Company Director, Mr. Igor Kruljac, Company Director of INA Maziva, Mr. Zoran Škrobonja, Company director of TRS, Ms. Snježana Ramač Posavec, Company Director of Plavi tim, Mr. Goran Pavlović, Company Director of  INA Maloprodajni servisi, Mr. Borko Buturac and Company Director of STSI, Mr. Nikola Mišetić.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate