Recognition to employers for dealing with challenges

24sata and HiPP are the latest holders of the Excellence During Challenges award. These are companies that have been certified with the Employer Partner Certificate for a few years now, so it is not surprising that they have shown excellent practices in human management through the coronavirus pandemic.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been monitoring and paying tribute to those companies that have shown a focus on caring for their employees. In order for employers to gain recognition for Excellence During Challenges, they go through an evaluation of their people management processes, ways of organizing work in a crisis, as well as ways of communicating with employees. In addition, we assess which initiatives the company has launched to ensure the health and psychological well-being of employees, as well as the company’s technological readiness to work in changed circumstances.

At 24sata, the focus was on continuous and transparent communication with employees. All changes in the organization of work were communicated in a timely manner and two-way communication was encouraged. Also, free psychological help through psychological counseling has been available to employees for several years, and from the beginning of 2021, all employees have the opportunity to attend a wellbeing program – workshops and training on stress, mental health and work-life balance. Corporate social responsibility actions were also organized for the areas affected by the earthquake – donating equipment to schools and renovating the children’s home.

The company HiPP, whose production in Croatia is located in Glina, showed an exceptional reaction to the earthquake and readiness to help the affected employees, despite the damage suffered by the factory itself. Besides the material help, psychological help is provided for all employees and great flexibility of work, especially in the period immediately after the earthquake. In that period, the factory was open to the local community (use of water, electricity and telephony), and 50 electricity generators were donated.