RBA holder of the Employer Partner status even in their year of transition!

Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. was, for the fourth time, awarded the prestigious Employer Partner certificate, a certificate that is awarded to organizations for quality processes in human resources management. At the ceremony held at the premises of the Bank, Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO, gave the award to Irena Bašić Štefanić, Director of Human Resources and Organizational development.

Raiffeisenbank Austria has achieved an excellent result in the area of Strategy for the quality organization and elaboration of their human resources strategy and because of their positioning of the Human Resources Department as a strategic partner to the Board, in all initiatives regarding the transformation that was ongoing during 2018, with the purpose of implementing a new business and operational model.

Progress is also seen in the continuation of revitalization of the performance management system and in the introduction of new job specifications and in additional investments in employee training, which is particularly demanding given the ongoing implementation of the digitalization, the transformation processes and with creating agile teams. RBA is continuously working on increasing the number of hours of training and on increasing the investments in employees and they ensure the availability of education to all employees in order to increase their competencies.

RBA has also maintained, in the challenging environment of change management, excellent practices in the area of Employee Relations, through thoroughly developed employee well-being programs, quality programs that encourage employee suggestions, and through various forms of flexible work arrangements that are available to the employees.

 „We are pleased that this year we have achieved progress in several areas, as well as in the overall assessment of the quality of the human resources management processes. Although we continuously achieve above average results, each year we raise the ladder and it is a nice feeling when the profession acknowledges and commends these efforts. The areas in which we have made positive strides point to the trends we recognize in the global market and that we are trying to respond to through redesigning and improving our processes. Primarily, those are a different organizational design to create conditions for a different, agile way of working, then educating and developing employees to be prepared to work differently, and revitalization and flexibilization of the performance management system.“,said Irena Bašić Štefanić, Director of Human Resources and Organizational development.