Poslovna inteligencija among the best in the market when it comes to investing in employees

Poslovna inteligencija, the leading analytic systems implementation and strategic ICT consulting company in Southeast Europe, is a winner of the Certificate Employer Partner for the first time. Poslovna inteligencija achieved a score of 86% during the certification process, and it was evaluated in five areas: Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, and Employee Relations.

Poslovna inteligencija has achieved a very high score of 94% in the area of ​​Training and Development, which reflects their focus on employee empowerment. In 2017, the company invested more than 9,000 HRK per employee in external education, thus ranking themselves as one of the best Employer Partner status holders when it comes to investments in employee development.

The company provides its employees with the opportunity to attend seminars, conferences (in and outside of Europe), soft skills trainings and developmental trainings. For example, management members regularly attend the Leadership academy, while several company executives are currently attending an MBA program, and two employees are working on their PhD degrees at FER, all of this being funded by the company itself, that way strongly supporting the development of its employees.

During the last year, all employees went through some form of additional training, and as Poslovna inteligencija greatly appreciats teamwork and knowledge transfer, Lunch&Learn internal training sessions are held monthly, during which employees present the project they worked on or some new technology and after that, all of them, together, while eating lunch, exchange information about projects or simply hang out in an informal atmosphere.

That having so many development opportunities in Poslovna inteligencija means a lot to the employees is evidenced by the results of the latest employee engagement survey, where the overall engagement rating of Poslovna inteligencija’s employees was exceptionally high 92%.

Anita Cvetić Oreščanin, Board Member at Poslovna inteligencija and Nataša Margetić Lukić, HR Manager at Poslovna inteligencija, accepted the Certificate Employer Partner from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

I am proud that we have met the high standards of human resources management set by the Certificate Employer Partner. With this certificate, we have also received an external confirmation that our processes in Human potentials are well-placed and that we are in the company of the best companies in Croatia that really care about their employees. The Certificate is an encouragement for us to continue to improve our practices because it is very important to us that our employees are satisfied and can realize their business ambitions, while at the same time having a high-quality private life. Only quality work with people and investment in growth and development of all employees can support the achievement of the company’s long-term strategy“, noted Nataša Margetić Lukić, HR Manager at Poslovna inteligencija.

The Certificate Employer Partner is very important to us as a confirmation of high-quality human resources management practices. Our growth and development is thanks to our values being rooted in our company’s culture and to us sharing these values and our passion for knowledge and strengthening of competencies with all of our colleagues. Everything we do, we do while questioning in what way what we are doing is good for our employees, our clients and our company. That way, we remain critical towards ourselves and we free up the space for growth of every individual in the company and the company as a whole. The certification evaluation process we had with SELECTIO was demanding and very encouraging and gave us a good insight into the areas that we will further develop in the coming period“, said Anita Cvetić Oreščanin, Board Member at Poslovna inteligencija.