PLIVA the first company to be awarded the Future Resilience recognition

Pharmaceutical company PLIVA has been a holder of the Employer Partner certificate for years, and in every recertification process for this status, it repeatedly demonstrates a high level of care for its employees. It comes as no surprise then that PLIVA has just become the first recipient of the Future Resilience recognition, launched as part of Certificate Employer Partner.

Future Resilience is a recognition given to employers who provide their employees with a set of trainings on the topic of building resilience in coping with stress, and individual counselling with the aim of providing employees with psychological support.

At PLIVA, they point out that through various actions, health initiatives and activities within the “Healthy Workplace” program, they are continuously working to raise awareness of the importance of well-being and physical and mental health of employees. In addition to the traditional celebration of various health days according to the World Health Calendar, special emphasis is placed on caring for the mental health of employees and their families through the program “Our Mental Health”, through building personal resilience through “Development Thursdays”, and through lectures by medical experts on current health topics through the “Healthy Wednesdays” program. They additionally emphasize a digital initiative called “Connected even when we are not together”, which was created as a quick response to the new circumstances in the past year with the aim of providing assistance to employees and maintaining continuity in prevention and care for their health.

Our care for the mental health of employees began before the COVID-19 pandemic, and we intensified our activities during the pandemic and switched to online platforms. Employee feedback is great and we are happy to have been able to alleviate the difficult situation we all found ourselves in and help them find better ways to deal with the crisis. We joined the Future Resilience program with the aim of further work on building the resilience of our employees – experience has shown us that it is worth to act preventively! “, said Blagica Petrovac Šikić, Senior Human Resources Director.

As part of the Future Resilience program, PLIVA will provide employees with training in the coming months that will cover the topics of emotional intelligence and empathy, assertiveness, stress management and coping with change and burnout.

The webinars you organize are great! Although I am much more inclined to personal communication, it seems to me that in this „mode” everything is presented much more efficiently and in a more focused way, there is no idling and you get more in much less time. In addition, it gives a great break from everyday life, raises the mood and “morale” while we are (still) quite isolated. I am looking forward to Thursdays (which are usually not a particularly exiting days of the weeks 😊)“, said Julijana Šoć, Associate Director, Global Marketing and Portfolio, about the „Development Thursday“ initiative.