Philip Morris Zagreb continuously invests in employee development

Philip Morris Zagreb has once again confirmed their status as the holder of the Employer Partner certificate, a prestigious award for quality employee management, awarded by the consulting company SELECTIO. Every year since 2015, Philip Morris Zagreb has been confirming that their people management processes reach the high standards needed to obtain and renew this certificate. Despite all the challenges they had to face as a company, this year was no exception.

The Employer Partner Certificate was awarded to Philip Morris Zagreb online last week

“We are glad to be recognized as a company that values ​​and invests in their employees because we are aware that their commitment and motivation play a key role in the successful transformation we have been going through in the last few years. Obtaining the Employer Partner certificate for the sixth year in a row is especially important in this, in many ways, challenging year, but also the year when we celebrate 15 years of active business of Philip Morris Zagreb on the Croatian market.” said Anita Letica, President of the Board of Philip Morris Zagreb and General Manager for Croatia and Slovenia.

From consulting company SELECTIO, which awards this certificate, they pointed out that in this year’s certification process, Philip Morris Zagreb once again stood out as a company that invests great efforts in the development of their employees. All employees have their individual development plans, and in the past year they all participated in at least one of the many additional trainings that Philip Morris offers their its employees. Also, all team leaders have employee development as one of their annual goals.

“In this situation, which none of us have encountered so far, it has been demonstrated how important it is to continuously invest and care for employees. That contributed to our success during these extraordinary times, as a result of our employees’ commitment both to the community and the company. Although the crisis has had a certain impact on our business and despite the uncertain future, the latest results of the employee satisfaction survey from July 2020 are very positive and show that we are on the right track. That is also acknowledged by receiving this prestigious certificate again this year.” said Marin Mlinarić, Member of Management Board at Philip Morris and Director of People and Culture for Croatia and Slovenia.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate