P&G an example of how employers in Croatia can provide a global quality of employment

For the fifth year in a row, the Employer Partner certificate was awarded to P&G, thus reaffirming that employee satisfaction is one of the key priorities to Procter & Gamble.

Procter & Gamble achieved the best results, impressive 94% of points, in areas regarding performance management and employee relations.

The achieved results reflect the company’s commitment to aligning the work of its employees with its strategy, with each employee very clearly seeing their contribution to the company’s success and regularly receiving feedback on their work performance and areas for further development.

The company also places focus on caring for the employees, which, among other things, is ensured through regular annual employee satisfaction surveys, by encouraging the balance of private and business lives of the employees through flexible work arrangements, through organized physical activities, etc.

Through its employment strategy, Procter & Gamble offers less experienced potentials the opportunity to develop in a system that values and rewards innovation, integrity, trust and readiness for leadership. In addition to a highly structured onboarding process, where mentors familiarize employees with the specifics of the job and organizational culture, and in addition to continuous employee training, P&G is also focused on recognizing the talents in the company. In an effort to enable them to further develop their potential in P&G, the company also gives them the opportunity to be involved in international projects.

Lana Zanne Latos, Country Leader Croatia & Slovenia, accepted the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

We are extremely proud to receive the acknowledgement that is the Employer Partner certificate awarded by SELECTIO, a company that we regard as leading in the area of human resources on our market. In addition to validating our internal HR processes, the Certificate confirms that we can also provide a global quality of employment experience in Croatia. In addition to achieving local business goals, P&G Croatia is a source of talent for international markets – this is another confirmation that our programs ensure the competitiveness of Croatian employees with their colleagues in P&G organizations around the world“, noted Lana Zanne Latos, Member of the Board.

At P&G, we know that employees are the key and the main driver of success. We have developed the best HR processes and practices that emphasize developing people from day one, where each of our employees has clearly defined individual goals and development plans that are aligned with the business strategy. Everything we do is directed towards listening to trends in the labor market and to maintaining our employees’ satisfaction, and we see results in the stable and satisfied organization. The Employer Partner certificate is a great honor for us, but also a confirmation of the excellence we strive for in everything we do“, noted Dina Baraković, Human Resource Manager for Croatia.