Relationship with candidates

Conventionally, our clients are employers, but to fulfill the contract obligations and to be successful in them, our biggest value is candidates. We treat all candidates as partners and help them find employment in a professional and suitable way, with maximal discretion.

How we work?

  • We contact potential candidates so as to check their availability and interest in being a part of the recruitment process.
  • We do not provide our clients any information about candidates without their consent.
  • SELECTIO provides the candidates with relevant and accurate information about the nature and requirements of a particular position, workplace and organization.
  • Candidates are informed about each step in the selection process.
  • We are flexible in arranging interviews and testing.
  • We arrange checking of the references with the candidates, so as not to threaten their professional and personal integrity.
  • We provide the candidates with follow-up information, whether positive or negative.

We treat all candidates equally and give them equal opportunities.