Psychological tests

Psychological tests are standardized, objective and reliable measuring methods that predict most likely personal behavior in specific situations.

Cognitive Abilities Tests
– measure the general ability of logical thinking, acquisition of knowledge and skills, and resolution of complex problems and tasks
– may predict candidate performance in different complex activities
– specific intellectual abilities tests enable to assess person’s verbal, numerical, abstract reasoning, perceptive speed and accuracy…

Personality Questionnaires
– provide a detailed insight into the employee personality and behavior
– questionnaires assess many personality traits (e.g. conscientiousness, extroversion, emotional stability…)
– evaluate interpersonal relations, team work and cooperation tendencies, organizing skills and motivation

Additional Questionnaires
– work values
– sales skills
– preferred leadership style
– tests of expert knowledge (computer knowledge, foreign language, accounting knowledge…)

Belbin Team Roles Questionnaire
– getting to know the strengths, weaknesses and preferences of team members and potentials for further development
– team’s efficiency increase
– manager’s efficiency increase


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