DNLA – Discovering Natural Latent Abilities

DNLA – Discovering Natural Latent Abilities is a family of assessments, designed to provide self-awareness for the candidate and insight for the employer. There are approx. 100.000 datasets in total for the benchmarking, it is objective, valid and reliable, and available online in many different languages.

The term Emotional Intelligence manifests itself in behaviours which DNLA describes as ‘social competences’ grouped as Achievement Dynamics, Interpersonal Relationships, Will to Succeed and Ability to Handle Stress.

DNLA is based upon fundamental research on “social competences in the workplace” developed on prestigious Max Planck Institute in Munich. It is a scientific model containing all key factors of social competence which have a significant effect on professional success.

DNLA Social Competences tool allows you to assess the current level of 17 soft skill key factors of success. By benchmarking with the best, we can give a detailed, science-based picture of where a person stands at the moment. This “map”, combined with individual feedback in a personal debriefing and with suggestions for personal improvement, will help each individual, team and organisation to grow and achieve their goals.

DNLA Management and Leadership tool shows you where the person stands against the top-executives in their position in 25 key factors, in the areas of “leadership”, “cooperation and consensus” and “entrepreneurship”.

When used in recruitment and selection, DNLA significantly reduces the percentage of mismatches and wrong choices. It is an assessment of potential and there is an optional follow-up: measurement of change in potential and in performance improvement after 3-6 months (prior to the end of the probation period).