Belbin Team Roles Questionnaire

Studies have shown that a team with balanced team role structure usually outdoes a team with an unbalanced one, even when the latter has excellent individuals as members!

Belbin Team Roles Questionnaire is a questionnaire used to determine the preferred team roles for individuals and to match the roles within the team.

It enables improvement in teamwork efficiency (better use of team resources and better team performance), better understanding of employees and the development of their natural talents and preferences.

Assessment is also valuable in situations when:

  • team works on a new project
  • team wishes to increase and strengthen the past success
  • team works in an environment undergoing organizational changes
  • conflicts within the team are disrupting team’s success

The assessment can be used in selection process of new candidates. For that purpose, a job profile is created that provides insight into what features and their associated roles are needed to enable a person to perform the job successfully.