Personnel search and selection

Candidate Recruitment

Our service begins with recruitment, i.e. identification of potentially interesting candidates. The main task of our company is to attract best quality candidates, and identify and assess the best among them.

The common recruitment channels involve direct access to potential candidates and advertising (on our own web page, MojPosao web page and in the newspapers). Due to proven track record of our current activities, constant monitoring of events on the Croatian labour market, a wide contact network in different industries, and the trust of our potential candidates who contact us every day on their own initiative, we achieve excellent results using direct approach. In the majority of cases, this is the way how we deal with our Clients’ inquiries. On the other hand, we use public advertising of vacancies to spread information on employment dynamics of our Clients.

Our internal candidate database – a vital segment of our business activities – is also an extremely valuable source of candidates. It is useful as a direct source of information about interesting candidates, but also as a source of information about other potentially interested candidates with a similar profile.

We work for a wide range of selected Clients – including multinational and strong larger and smaller Croatian organizations. Our Clients entrust us with different specialist and administrative positions in the fields of finances, marketing, sales, IT, new technologies and strategic management. First and foremost, we are partners to our Clients, and thus have a deeper insight into the nature of their business activities and their strategic objectives. Consequently, we are in the best position to recruit precisely those individuals who are most adequate not only for the requirements of the position, but also for the organizational culture.

Candidate Selection process consists of several stage

Telephone pre-interview

a short conversation with the candidate most frequently used to check some unclear CV facts, the candidate’s understanding of job requirements, and his/her motivation for the current vacancy. The telephone interview is very important to avoid misunderstandings or a mismatch between job requirements and the candidate in some subsequent selection process stages.

Psychological / many other types of testing

(knowledge of foreign languages, computer literacy, and other professional and specific knowledge), as a selection process segment, it is important to obtain more detailed and versatile information about the candidate, and establish the extent of his/her adequacy for the Client’s climate and culture – again, in order to avoid embarrassing and disappointing situations. Consequently, we search for the most adequate candidate for our Clients in the long run, i.e. we draw those candidates from our internal database who are adequate for the Client’s “characteristics”.

Structured interview

it consists of a set of thoroughly elaborated questions and represents the base of the selection process. The structured interview is an opportunity to check in detail the candidate’s abilities, knowledge, motives and ambitions. In addition to different factual questions, the structured interview also contains behavioural questions. We consider the previous behaviour as one of the best indicator of future behaviour. Thus, a good candidate needs to know how to present himself/herself adequately in the context of current success and the ability to confront rather challenging future business situations. During the interview the selection experts take into consideration all data collected about the candidate during previous selection stages (telephone interviews and psychological testing), and the fields that require additional explanations following the verification of recommendations.

Verification of recommendations

is also an extremely important element of the selection process. It is another opportunity for the candidate to show himself/herself in the good light through somebody else’s assessment. By telephone – and with the consent of the candidate – we check his/her main competencies and social skills, relying on the judgement of people who know his/her work and who are able to provide his/her relevant assessment.

In addition to the above mentioned, equal attention is devoted to the candidate’s preparation, since during the interview the presentation skill and argumentation ability often have the same – and sometimes even greater – importance than the relevant CV references.

Candidate Selection and Process Completion

As a result of the entire process and based on all information we managed to collect, we draw a detailed report about the most competent candidates for specific positions and submit the report to the Client, who, in turn, based on final interviews makes the final selection of the employee.

Our experienced team guarantees the quality of the selected candidates. After the process has been completed, our practice is to follow the progress of the candidate employed and the Client’s satisfaction with his/her work.