Executive search

SELECTIO d.o.o. is a leading company in Croatia specializing in the executive search.

In the search for employees, our main task is to identify, attract and evaluate the best candidates – the ones who meet the requirements of the position and are a cultural fit for the organization.

Our most valuable business “ace” is our candidate base – a vital part of our business – useful as a direct source of information on interesting candidates, as well as a source of information on other potentially interested candidates of a similar profile. If you are ready for new and interesting challenges, do not hesitate to send your CV to our internal base.

Apart from the internal database of candidates, SELECTIO recruits candidates from various other sources such as activation of our network, head hunting and advertising (on our website, MojPosao website or other media).

In recruitment industry, where quality of delivery can be hard to measure, we believe the excellence is recognizable. Best proof of that are our satisfied clients and the fact that SELECTIO’s client retention rates are much above the global benchmarks.

Our competitive advantage is built on:

  • supreme insight into available candidates for a wide variety of positions; SELECTIO, being by far the largest and busiest recruitment practice in the country, has developed a strong insight and efficient access to candidates’ market by either using its vast database or through ad-hoc research.
  • effective selection process; in the more formal part of selection process we rigorously use state of the art selection tools. But for many positions the edge in selecting the right candidate depends on reference checking, recommendation and other ‘soft’ methods, an area where we deliver strongly. We understand that going ‘an extra mile’ in selecting the right candidate can have a huge impact on the performance of an organization.
  • highly professional execution; we excel in consistency of delivery and value maximization for clients. We seek excellence and effectiveness for our clients, rather than short-term revenue optimization for us. We understand that the most profitable relationship for the client and the agency is the long-term one.
  • we are unique and well-known for our successfully completed employment search projects of high complexity, whether they consisted of a large number of searches in a short period of time or individual searches with high demands.
  • business ethics; we believe that our persistency in applying the highest ethical standards towards candidates, sources of reference and clients is what made us the leader in our industry. We are entrusted with our candidates’ careers and our clients’ business development plans and take on this responsibly with discretion and commitment.

SELECTIO Ltd. is licensed by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship for procurement of recruitment services.