Administrative and specialist positions

Electus Human Resources Ltd.

Electus Human Resources Ltd. is a company specialized in employment mediation in a wider segment of the labour market: administrative and specialist positions, and lower and middle management positions.

The search and selection process begins with recruitment, i.e. attracting of candidates. The main task of our company is to attract the best quality candidates, and identify and assess the best among them to be recommended for responsible and challenging middle and lower management positions, and different specialist and administrative positions.

We work for a wide range of selected candidates – including multinational and strong larger and smaller Croatian organizations. Our Clients entrust us with different responsible positions, such as Accounting Manager, Key Account Manager, HR Manager, and specialist positions such as an accountant, an engineer and different administrative positions.

Our most valuable business “ace” is the candidate database itself – a vital segment of our business activities – useful as a direct source of information about interesting candidates, but also as a source of information about other potentially interested candidates with a similar profile. If you are ready for new and interesting challenges, do not hesitate to send your curriculum vitae into our internal base.

In addition to the internal candidate database, Electus Human Resources recruits candidates from other different sources in the selection process, such as advertising, contact network and head hunting.

Above all, our responsibility for process quality is one of the key tenets of our work.

The Electus power is based on:

  • knowledge about the Croatian labour market and keeping up to date with world trends
  • proven track record in finding most suitable employees for our Clients
  • professional ethics and high business standards
  • project flexibility and effectiveness
  • partnership relationships with our Clients – together we find desirable solutions
  • strong contact network in different industries and regions.

Electus Human Resources Ltd. is licensed by the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship for procurement of recruitment services.