Personnel search services

Our main task in Executive Search projects is to identify, attract and evaluate best candidates – those who comply with the Clients`s requirements and organizational culture.

SELECTIO Ltd. is the leading executive search company operating in Croatia.

Electus Human Resources Ltd. is a company specialized in employment mediation in a wider segment of the labour market: administrative and specialized positions, and lower and middle management positions.

We use all recruitment channels, which are easily available owing to the Group’s power, best quality selection methods and specialist experience of our consultants. Thus, we are able to recognize the Candidate’s potential quickly and efficiently, and to find the best quality solution to our Client’s needs.

First and foremost, we are partners to our Clients, and thus have a deeper insight into the nature of their business activities and their strategic objectives. Consequently, we are in the best position to recruit precisely those individuals who are most adequate not only for the requirements of the position, but also for the organizational culture.