PBZ holder of the certificate Employer Partner

This year, Privredna banka Zagreb joined the holders of the Employer Partner certificate. The Bank has successfully gone through the process of evaluating their employee management practices and achieved very high results.

This prestigious award is awarded by SELECTIO for over 15 years to companies with excellent practices in human resource management. The certification team of experienced HR consultants rated all the assessed areas very highly. The Bank stood out with their excellent practices in performance management, well-established HR strategy and well-managed recruitment and selection processes.

All employees are covered by the performance appraisal and monitoring system. In the Bank, over 95% of employees have undergone some form of training in the past year. Internal training programs are available to all employees through the Training Center, and PBZ is especially proud of their PBZ Business School, which in 2021 is enrolling its 15th generation of students. In addition, the Bank encourages and finances the employee’s membership in professional associations and thus provides employees with additional professional training.

In the past year, Privredna banka Zagreb paid special attention to the mental and physical health of employees. In addition to the previously present benefits such as regular health check and ISBD International Health Care Program, through 2020 a team for psychological assistance to employees was organized as additional support in dealing with the new circumstances. At the end of 2020, the initiative “Towards better health” was launched with the aim of encouraging employees to lead a more active lifestyle through a video program consisting of several sets of short exercises designed and recorded by employees. Exercises are available to employees on PBZ Intranet portal. In addition, the Bank’s corporate kindergarten Čigra is located in the PBZ office building in Zagreb, and Privredna banka Zagreb is one of the few companies in Croatia that provide this benefit for their employees. Co-financing part of kindergarten costs is another added value for employees.

The organization also participates in many projects aimed at connecting employers and students and has active cooperation with various student associations. In addition, PBZ regularly organizes humanitarian actions, and through the program “PBZ volunteers”, they encourage and develop the social responsibility of their employees towards the community.

We are glad to be a part of the community of holders of the Employer Partner certificate. We are proud that the effort we invest is recognized as well as the good practices we apply, and I would like to thank the entire Human Resources team, without whom we would not be where we are,” said Miroslav Halužan, Senior Executive Director of Human Resources.