A1 confirms Employer Partner status again

Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board at SELECTIO, and Ivan Skender, General Manager for Business Transformation, Human Resources and Corporate Communications Last week, the Employer Partner certificate was presented to A1 Hrvatska at an award ceremony held at the premises of the awarded company. A1 has been a part of the Certificate Employer Partner […]

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The latest holders of the Excellence During Challenges award announced

Since April this year, SELECTIO has been awarding the Excellence During Challenges award to those companies that have demonstrated quality employee management in unpredictable circumstances. The aim of the recognition is to emphasize the importance of caring for employees even in times of crisis and to exchange good practices and initiatives that many companies have launched in this challenging period.

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Procter & Gamble awarded the Employer Partner certificate for the sixth time

At Procter & Gamble, employee satisfaction is one of the basic preconditions for the company’s growth, which is why an employee satisfaction survey is conducted every year, after which the results are analysed and action plans are created to further work on increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. For the sixth time in a row, P&G’s […]

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Addiko Bank confirms they are focused on their employees

Addiko Bank is a holder of the Employer Partner certificate again this year, thus showing a high level of commitment to the development of the best HR practices. The bank’s human resources department invests a lot of effort in the development of well-thought-out HR practices that respond to real business challenges and in creating a healthy working environment for employees.

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Herbalife awarded for quality human resource management

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to Herbalife for the third time. The company has achieved the best results in the areas related to performance management and employee relations, thanks to, among other things, a quality performance appraisal system, successfully set internal communication processes and various flexible work arrangements that are available to the employees.

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A1 the first holder of the Excellence During Challenges acknowledgement

Excellence During Challenges, a recognition for quality management of employees in unpredictable circumstances, was awarded to the company A1 Hrvatska, which made A1 the first company to receive this recognition. Excellence During Challenges is a project launched by the consulting company SELECTIO to promote quality employee management in uncertain and challenging times, which is more […]

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Excellence during challenges – an acknowledgement for quality employee management during unforeseen circumstances

During these uncertain and challenging circumstances that have engulfed the entire world, quality human resource management is more important than ever. For this reason, through the Certificate Employer Partner project, SELECTIO Group recognizes organizations that have developed quality practices for HR management during unforeseen circumstances. Excellence during challenges is a project that offers organizations the […]

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