An interview with Helena Karasić, HR Director at Dukat

The period of the pandemic, which was also marked by earthquakes in our area, was, and still is, challenging for everyone. What are some key projects and initiatives that marked this period in Dukat? As the largest dairy and one of the largest food companies in the country, Dukat has played an important role for […]

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Lidl Srbija is the newest holder of the Employer Partner certificate

Lidl has successfully completed the certification process and confirmed that it reaches the high standards of the Employer Partner certificate. The company has achieved the best results in areas related to recruitment and selection, as well as employee relations, thanks primarily to transparent selection processes, quality education, fair treatment and numerous benefits available to all […]

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Crnogorski Telekom the first telecommunications company in Montenegro to receive the Employer Partner certificate

Crnogorski Telekom is the newest holder of the Employer Partner certificate and the first company in the telecommunications industry in Montenegro to win this certificate, which primarily confirms that this company has a high level of standards when it comes to employee management, which contributes to improving the quality of work in the Company, as well as its business results.

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An interview with Jelena Đuranović, HR Director at Addiko Bank Podgorica

“Considering my long career within the organization and the experience gained through three different positions within two organizational parts, I can confirm that Addiko does not lack opportunities for learning and development,” says Jelena Đuranović from Addiko Bank AD Podgorica. After the positions of IT analyst and Expert for Organizational Development and Project Management, she got the opportunity to work in a completely new field and today she is HR Director.

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PLIVA the first company to be awarded the Future Resilience recognition

Pharmaceutical company PLIVA has been a holder of the Employer Partner certificate for years, and in every recertification process for this status, it repeatedly demonstrates a high level of care for its employees. It comes as no surprise then that PLIVA has just become the first recipient of the Future Resilience recognition, launched as part of Certificate Employer Partner.

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Newest holders of the Excellence During Challenges recognition announced

Since April 2020, SELECTIO has been awarding the Excellence During Challenges recognition to those companies that demonstrate a high level of care for their employees during the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of this recognition, while emphasizing the importance of quality employee management, is to encourage the sharing of good practices initiated by many companies during the pandemic period.

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