HT in the company of Employer Partners: „We create a digital world and connect people!“

Hrvatski Telekom is the holder of the prestigious Certificate Employer Partner for the sixth consecutive year. As the ultimate purpose and goal of each employee’s work, HT states the motto: „We create a digital world and connect people“, and the company is particularly proud that they help the development of numerous young people, and the society as a whole, with their knowledge and work.

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Addiko Bank rewarded for quality employee management

Addiko Bank is a new winner of the Certificate Employer Partner. Over the past two years, Addiko Bank has made significant breakthroughs in human resource management by setting a new HR strategy, which is evident from the growth of employee satisfaction by 17% and from the fact that 79% of respondents consider Addiko Bank to be a desirable employer.

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McDonald’s provides excellent opportunities for everyone looking for a job!

For years, McDonald’s has been attracting many employees, regardless of their age, looking for a job in a company that could provide them with flexible working hours, stimulating hourly rates, and the opportunity to progress and be rewarded on the basis of their efforts. McDonald’s has just confirmed, in the assessment of their HR processes, based on which they were awarded the certificate Employer Partner, that they provide their employees with all of this and much more.

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Japan Tobacco International among the most desirable employers in Croatia

This year, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) was again awarded the valuable acknowledgement – Certificate Employer Partner, which recognizes the best employers in Croatia, achieving 96% of the points in the auditing of their HR processes. Achieving them, JTI gained the Certificate Employer Partner for the sixth time and confirmed its position among the 49 companies carrying this prestigious certificate.

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Ciklopea speaks the language of excellence!

Ciklopea, a company specialized in translation and localization services for over 30 languages, has been awarded the SELECTIO’s Certificate Employer Partner for the fifth time in a row. In the assessment of the human resources management processes, Ciklopea achieved 85% of the total possible number of points and thus showed that, when it comes to human resources management, they successfully speak the language of HR excellence as well.

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HBOR confirms the high standards of the Certificate Employer Partner once again

Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak achieved 87% of the total possible points in this year’s certification process and thus confirmed the Employer Partner status again. HBOR has been part of the SELECTIO’s Certificate Empoloyer Partner project since 2006, and as one of the five state-owned companies that are holders of the Certificate, they reaffirm their excellence when it comes to human resources management each year.

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