Seven INA Group companies awarded the Employer Partner status again

INA and six other members of INA Group were awarded the Employer Partner certificate this year again. Along with INA, CROSCO, STSI, INA MAZIVA, Top Računovodstvo Servisi, Plavi tim and INA Maloprodajni servisi were also awarded the Employer Partner status. Also, INA achieved the highest scores out of all companies certified as part of the CEP project in the past year, and thus found itself at the top of the list of TOP 5 Employers Partners.

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TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2020

SELECTIO has published the list of TOP 5 Employer Partners for 2020. This is a list of organizations that have achieved the highest marks in the past year when certifying their HR processes within the Certificate Employer Partner project. INA is in the first place of the list, Atlantic Grupa, Erste banka and Zagrebačka pivovara share the second place, and JGL concludes the list.

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CEMEX Hrvatska once again demonstrated care for well-being and safety of their employees

CEMEX Hrvatska once again received the Employer Partner certificate, a prestigious certificate for excellence in human resources management from SELECTIO. They have been certifying their HR processes since 2008, and they went through recertification again this year, which included an in-depth analysis of their HR practices. They reaffirmed the enviable level of care for their employees and continued with a number of initiatives aimed at their satisfaction and development.

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Philip Morris Zagreb continuously invests in employee development

Philip Morris Zagreb has once again confirmed their status as the holder of the Employer Partner certificate, a prestigious award for quality employee management, awarded by the consulting company SELECTIO. Every year since 2015, Philip Morris Zagreb has been confirming that their people management processes reach the high standards needed to obtain and renew this certificate. Despite all the challenges they had to face as a company, this year was no exception.

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