Japan Tobacco International awarded the Employer Partner certificate

Japan Tobacco International (JTI) has, for the seventh time in a row, become an Employer Partner certificate holder. Having achieved high results in each of the assessed areas, JTI confirmed that they nurture a partnership approach to their employees and found themselves as one of the most desirable employers in Croatia.

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Addiko Bank Beograd the only bank in Serbia with the Employer Partner status

Addiko Bank a.d. Beograd has been awarded the Employer Partner certificate. The certification team particularly praised Addiko Bank’s management of recruitment and selection processes and their transparent employee remuneration system, as well as the good positioning of their human resources function, which participates in the company’s strategic planning and business decision-making. Addiko Bank is dedicated to developing and educating their employees, and so they stand out on the market with a high average number of training hours for their employees.

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Seven INA Group companies awarded the Employer Partner certificate

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to INA for the eighth time in December 2019. Besides INA, six INA Group companies were awarded this certificate, and so the holders are also CROSCO, STSI, INA MAZIVA, Top Računovodstvo Servisi, Plavi tim and, for the first time, INA Maloprodajni servisi, which is a testament to the quality of employee management processes that INA Group nurtures at the level of the entire group.

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HEP Opskrba awarded the Employer Partner certificate

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to HEP Opskrba for the second consecutive year. The award ceremony was held at the HEP Opskrba premises, and Mario Puntarić, Director of HEP Opskrba, received the Employer Partner certificate from Martina Kessler, Certificate Employer Partner project manager.

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Kaufland confirms that, to them, employee satisfaction and development come first

Kaufland Hrvatska reaffirmed the Employer Partner certificate standards again this year. Kaufland has been a part of the Certificate Employer Partner project for four years, and they have confirmed the high standards of the Certificate in their first year of certification, and each year since, they have achieved even higher results, which testifies to Kaufland’s continued work and dedication when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of their employees and the quality of their HR processes.

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Localization company Ciklopea has received the Employer Partner certificate for the sixth year in a row

Ciklopea, a company specialized in translation and localization services in more than 30 languages, with clients in 41 countries, has been awarded the Employer Partner status for the sixth consecutive year. Ciklopea celebrated 15 years of successful business last year and they note that their quality personnel is the reason for their business success, which is why they always strive to raise the bar of excellence when it comes to their HR processes.

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Henkel awarded the Employer Partner certificate in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to Henkel Croatia for the seventh time and it was also awarded to Henkel Adhezivi BH, Henkel BH Sarajevo, Henkel Maribor and Henkel Slovenija for the first time. The companies thus confirmed their commitment to quality human resource management, demonstrated that they view HR as a strategic partner to the business and that they place a strong focus on maintaining a partnership with their employees.

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