Mozzart receives the Employer Partner certificate

Mozzart is a new holder of the Employer Partner certificate. During the 15 years of the Certificate’s existence, more than 100 companies in 10 European markets have participated in the certification process.

In order to gain the Employer Partner status, companies have to undergo an independent assessment of the development of their employee management practices in five main areas – Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development and Employee Relations, with only organizations that achieve at least 75% of the total possible points, but also at least 70% of points in each of the assessed areas becoming holders of the Certificate.

During the certification process, Mozzart distinguished itself by the numerous training opportunities it offers to its employees, as well as by caring for their health and socially responsible business activities. Mozzart employees have the opportunity to further educate themselves through various professional seminars and internal and external trainings, and within the human resources sector there is a training center with five internal trainers for professional knowledge and soft skills. Employees have the opportunity to use the gym within the office building, but also two external gyms. The company is also engaged in socially responsible activities, so in 2019 employees participated in landscaping the capital, played basketball at the UNICEF Fair Play tournament with the aim of building inclusive playgrounds and ran Mozzart Happy Run for the “Heart” Foundation.

During the certification process, Mozzart also received special praise for their transparent and well-managed recruitment and selection processes. They also collaborate with various institutions and participate in events to bring their benefits and organizational culture closer to quality candidates on the market. Thus, in 2019, as a Platinum partner, they supported the European conference on artificial intelligence Wonderland AI Summit, and established cooperation with faculties and student organizations through sponsorship of the project “Case study Show” and various student internships in colaboration with the Faculty of Computer Science, Union University in Belgrade and the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade.

The HR sector at Mozzart is a strategic business partner. In the realization of our vision and organizational goals, employees play a key role and they provide us with a leadership position. We are focused on retaining the best employees and attracting new talent, and here the Employer Partner certificate certainly gives us additional value. Circumstances in the market are changing more and more rapidly, this was a great opportunity to reconsider our practices. We will continue to adapt and further develop our HR processes, in order to provide our employees with what they need and motivate them to give us their best,” said Marija Božović, HR Director.

The Employer Partner certificate is just another in a series of confirmations that Mozzart is well on its way to strengthening its reputation as a desirable employer. Aware of the challenges facing the labor market today to those who want to attract and retain quality staff, we continuously strive to provide our employees with the best working conditions and environment. In addition to opportunities for advancement and numerous benefits, employment in our company also means working on challenging projects that add value in terms of their professional development, and for young talents and our future colleagues, this certificate will be a valuable guideline on what kind of work environment we offer“, said Nataša Šaponjić Jakšić, Organizational Development Manager.

     “Obtaining this certificate shows that our recruitment and selection process is orderly, clear and transparent. Everyone has equal employment opportunities, we value expertise and experience, and by entering the selection process, every candidate gets feedback. We pay special attention to the protection of data obtained in the recruitment and selection process, which we manage with a high degree of responsibility and professionalism“, said Milica Plavšić, Recruitment and Selection Manager.

Holders of the Employer Partner certificate