McDonald’s rewarded for enabling their employees to reach their full potential

For the second year in a row, McDonald’s was awarded the Employer Partner certificate. McDonald’s has once again demonstrated that they see their employees as a key factor in their success and that they are continuously working on listening to the needs of their employees in order to make their job as pleasant as possible.

In McDonald’s, they note that it is important for them to offer their employees flexible work arrangements as well as the opportunity for continuous development, education and advancement. This is the reason they give their employees the opportunity to participate in creating their work schedules and they create the work environment that makes it easier for employees to achieve work-life balance. They are proud that they give all they employees that work well, show initiative and ambition, many opportunities for advancement, regardless of their previous education and experience. This is evidenced by the fact that McDonald’s achieved even higher results in the field of employee training and development in this year’s certification process compared to the last year’s process.

Additionally, at McDonald’s they regularly conduct employee satisfaction surveys, analyze the results, and then make efforts to further improve the work conditions they provide to their employees. The transparent remuneration system, as well as a competitive hourly rate, surely contribute to the their satisfaction. Students working at McDonald’s have the possibility of receiving a ten-month scholarship that certainly contributes to their satisfaction as well.

The certification team also praised McDonald’s efforts when it comes to corporate social responsibility, as they demonstrated that they truly strive to respect the community in which they operate. For example, they helped to decorate the pediatric ward of the Pediatric Diseases Clinic Klaićeva in Zagreb to make the children’s and parents’ stay as comfortable as possible, and they also helped to decorate the pediatric wards of the hospitals in Karlovac, Rijeka and Osijek. They are also working with the rehabilitation center Silver to raise awareness of the needs of people with disabilities, children with developmental difficulties, and people with chronic illnesses who need to rely on the help of service dogs.

Mario Jušić, Head of the Human Resources Department at McDonald’s, accepted the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, member of the Management Board of SELECTIO, stating:

McDonald’s employs more than 2000 employees in Croatia who all work for the common goal of providing our guests with the best possible service. Through the education system, benefits and competitive hourly rates, we also try to show each of them that at McDonald’s they can achieve individual success and development. The Employer Partner certificate is a confirmation that we are on the right track and that our staff can reach their potential at McDonald’s – whether you are a job-seeking mother in search of a workplace where you could easily balance your personal and professional responsibilities, whether you want to gain your first work experience, or you are a student who wants to “thicken” your monthly budget without your work hampering with your studies and graduation.

We are proud because the Certificate also confirms that all employees who want to learn, improve and pursue a career recognize McDonald’s as a partner with whom they can achieve it.”

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate