Luckia Hrvatska awarded the Employer Partner certificate for the third year in a row

Luckia Hrvatska, a games of chance brand managed by Major Internacional d.o.o., went through an independent analysis of its employee management processes again this year and met the high standards for obtaining the Employer Partner certificate.

Luckia Hrvatska has been a part of the Employer Partner certificate project for three years, and every year they achieve even higher results during the certification process, which testifies to the continuous efforts that the company invests in ensuring employee satisfaction. In this year’s process, the company particularly stood out with high investments in employee development. All employees have gone through at least one form of training in the past year, while on average each Luckia employee participated in over 50 hours of training. The company also points out that they conduct employee satisfaction surveys every year, including all employees in the survey, and then they work on action plans based on the obtained results, all in order to adapt working conditions to the wishes and needs of employees.

At the end of June, Luckia Croatia also received the Excellence During Challenges award, which is awarded to companies that have shown during the coronavirus pandemic that they put the care of their employees first, even in unpredictable and demanding circumstances. In Luckia, they point out that during the pandemic they further strengthened team spirit and communication and that they enabled employees to make proposals for new services and projects and participate in their development, which led to excellent results.

Although the certificate was awarded for the previous year, we are extremely proud to have received it at this moment. I think we’ve all learned through this year how important it is to constantly invest and take care of employees. We are immensely grateful to all our employees who continue to work with the same zeal in the new conditions. Our high results this year are our motivation to continue creating new projects and continue with the good HR practices we have.“, said Tanja Švec, Human Resources Manager for Luckia Hrvatska.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate