Local and international companies awarded for employee care even during the pandemic

SELECTIO has announced the latest holders of the Excellence during Challenges award – Atlantic Grupa, Ciklopea, Fortenova grupa, Croatia Control (Croatian Air Navigation Services), RBA Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA), TDR, Zagrebačka pivovara and Molson Coors BiH.

Recognition Excellence during Challenges is awarded to companies that have demonstrated quality human resource management and employee care even during the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to emphasizing the importance of focusing on employees, the goal of the recognition is to exchange good practices that many companies have initiated in this challenging period.

At Atlantic Grupa, they point out that they have preserved all jobs, and they have shown care for their employees through various programs and training with the aim of strengthening mental and physical health. Employees were provided with free psychological counselling, a series of psychoeducational workshops, physical activity programs and various activities aimed at strengthening team spirit – online pub quizzes, prize games and the portal “Okus zajedništva” that promotes safety and precautionary measures. At Ciklopea, the emphasis was also on transparent communication as well as empowerment and education of employees – internal training was switched to digital format, and they conducted an attitudes survey in order to check employee satisfaction and adjustment to new circumstances.

With the timely introduction of epidemiological measures, Fortenova grupa also preserved the health of their workers and undertook a number of activities aimed at adapting to new circumstances. They redistributed workers among the different members of the Group depending on the volume of work and strengthened the care for employee welfare. Also, they used different communication channels to timely inform the employees on important news and through the newsletter “Our People”.  they gave special praise to those who stood out during the crisis. Fortenova grupa has also made a huge step forward in a very short period of time in online retail and end-customer delivery service, as well as launching a number of new products in manufacturing companies.

Croatian Air Navigation Services also paid a lot of attention to the well-being of their employees – they provided free psychosocial assistance to all employees and launched the “Otvoreno o…” initiative that covered a number of topics related to mental health. They also developed a continuity plan for air navigation service and created scenarios for the smooth continuation of work in the event of an infection of air traffic controllers and other operational personnel.

RBA put their employees first. The most important thing was to preserve their health and give them support and stability in uncertain times. Employees recognized that they are cared for, that they are safe and that they can rely on each other in challenging times. It was clear communication, sharing information in a timely manner, focus on wellbeing and mental health, and a focus on solutions instead of concerns, that strengthened the RBA team. Also, many employees from their home offices created the services and products that customers needed. The Raiffeisen team has shown how important it is to take care of others, be it a colleague or a client, and that there are no challenges they cannot face and solve.

Central Finance and Contracting Agency (CFCA) established a Crisis Team in a timely manner and introduced all necessary measures to ensure the health of employees. They ensured the division od employees into A and B teams, while provided them with advice on maintaining mental and physical health through numerous newsletters. Online trainings have been provided for project users as well as for all employees, and they have been encouraged to show mutual support through the #praisethecolleague project. The company also conducted an attitude survey to make it easier for employees to work in new circumstances and to develop models for future work from home.

That their employees come first, TDR has shown, among other things, by ensuring the adjustment of different approaches to all parts of the company, from factories, kiosks, sales team and even office staff. They provided their employees with protective equipment, increased technological working conditions, implemented many educational programs, and encouraged employees to maintain social contact through virtual coffees, games and competitions. However, the most important was the provision of benefits such as additional health insurance and a salary supplement for those in self-isolation.

Zagrebačka Pivovara and Molson Coors BiH expressed their gratitude to their employees through personalized gifts, as well as free professional psychological help and additional benefits for their employees such as using company cars instead of public transport, free meals for production workers in order to reduce health risks and financial assistance for employees affected by the earthquake. Special projects have also been introduced, such as a joint virtual morning body exercise and recipes for quick and healthy meals.

The latest holders of the Excellence during Challenges award