Links awarded the Employer Partner certificate

Links, a computer equipment retail chain, is ending 2020 with great success in the field of employee management. Namely, at the end of November, Links completed the process of independent evaluation of their HR system and obtained the Employer Partner certificate.

In Links, they point out that as a company their focus has always been, in addition to ensuring the satisfaction of their customers, ensuring employee satisfaction, and that they decided to use this challenging year to invest great efforts in further development of this business segment. During the certification process, Links demonstrated the strategic importance of the HR function in the organization, structured processes of recruitment and selection of employees, and a quality performance management system in which all employees of the company are involved.

Links is a company in which communication is transparent and open, and the needs of the company’s employees are constantly listened to, while ensuring a balance between private and business lives, as well as a sense of security and stability for employees, especially in this period of the pandemic. Thus, all benefits for employees were retained, including the payment of Easter, holiday and other bonuses. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Links has also provided protective equipment for employees and a combination of work from home and work from the office, for jobs where the nature of the job allows it.

The company also cares for employees with initiatives such as a day off for the first day of school for parents of first-graders, co-financing recreational activities’ costs, free hot drinks and organized transportation of employees to the headquarters. Links also takes care of doing business in a socially responsible way, so this year the company participated in donations for the health system after the earthquake, as well as in donations for the fire department.

We were very pleased with the positive report and the fact that our progress was recognized and awarded the Employer Partner certificate. Indeed, we have put tremendous effort into achieving this achievement, but what makes us especially happy is the opportunity to adopt excellence as a key component of our corporate DNA with the help of these practices. Links has ambitious plans, and building and strengthening partnerships with employees and the wider community is one of the essential prerequisites for our further growth and long-term success. Thank you very much for your support, and for understanding and giving us the opportunity to learn and develop during the certification process itself, ” said Vlatko Škarica, Director of Links.

Holders of the Employer Partner certificate