Lidl Srbija is the newest holder of the Employer Partner certificate

Lidl has successfully completed the certification process and confirmed that it reaches the high standards of the Employer Partner certificate. The company has achieved the best results in areas related to recruitment and selection, as well as employee relations, thanks primarily to transparent selection processes, quality education, fair treatment and numerous benefits available to all employees.

We are very pleased with this prestigious recognition, which comes as a confirmation of what we have been striving for since our establishment – that all Lidl employees are satisfied and work in conditions in which they can reach their full potential. Therefore, we put the wellbeing of our employees first and set the creation of good work atmosphere and a dedicated and thorough employee onboarding in accordance with their personal ambitions and affinities as priorities. We are aware that our company is run by people, so in addition to attractive earnings and a secure future, we offer our employees numerous additional benefits such as private health insurance, payment of every minute of overtime and conditions for continuous development,” said Ivana Marković, Executive Director of Human Resources at Lidl Srbija.

Last year, Lidl Srbija was awarded the Excellence During Challenges award for quality and responsible management and caring attitude towards employees in challenging circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.