Lidl Croatia winner of the Employer Partner certificate for the eighth year in a row

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded again this year to Lidl Croatia, thanks to their quality HR practices that show that they believe that employees are the key of every successful business.

Lidl pays particular attention to investing in human resources, so it is not surprising that, from the beginning of their business in Croatia, they have continuously increased the benefit package for their employees. For example, Lidl started this year, and last year, by increasing salaries for their employees in stores and at the warehouses, and they also provided a higher Christmas bonus and a plethora of other benefits for all their employees; holiday bonus, seasonal bonus, general medical examinations, gifts for children, etc.

In addition, Lidl Croatia also invests in the development of their employees and, just during the last year, over 140,000 hours have been allocated for education. Mentors, online educations, scholarships, professional and soft skills educations, foreign language courses and a number of other developmental programmes are available to the employees, according to their needs and the business needs. Lidl’s onboarding programme stands out in particular, as it allows the new employees to get acquainted with the company, its culture, their work and colleagues.

Additionally, Lidl also provides its employees with career advancement opportunities, so it is no surprise that a large number of employees at managerial positions started their careers in Lidl. Also, given that Lidl is an international company, employees can advance and have the opportunity to take over positions in other countries or at Lidl’s headquarters in Germany.

Nikolina Vlašić, Head of Human Resources, accepted the Employer Partner certificate from Aleksandar Zemunić, a Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

Since entering the market, we were led by quality in each business segment, including the human resources domain. By maintaining and raising the work standards in our business, we want to positively influence the development of, primarily, retail labour market, but also the labour market as a whole. We are extremely proud that we provide our employees with a wide range of benefits, but also that we continue expanding it thanks to excellent results through the years“, noted Nikolina Vlašić, Head of Human Resources.