Kaufland confirms they put their employees first!

Kaufland Hrvatska is a winner of the prestigious Employer Partner certificate for the third year in a row. Also, their affiliated company Europa – upravljanje nekretninama is a winner of the Certificate for the third year in a row.

Kaufland is focused on making employees feel comfortable from their first day in the Company and therefore practices a Welcome Dayduring which employees get useful information, get acquainted with managers and colleagues in the new work environment and they receive a symbolic welcome gift. It is necessary to also emphasize the structured employee onboarding – introductory training of employees for their job position and additionally, for all new managers, Human Resources organize their onboarding to strengthen them for the management function.

Dunja Firšt, HR Director at Kaufland, emphasized the extent to which Kaufland puts their employees’ development in focus: “We are proud of a large number of days of internal and external education where we pay close attention to the development of competencies, management skills and expert knowledge. We are committed to strengthening leadership competencies through structured education and development programs. We work hard to listen and hear what our employees give us as feedback and on that basis, we try hard to improve our HR practices and raise our standards. We have set up our Talent Management system and educated the entire management team, thus setting a good foundation for a clear system of development, advancement and succession. We are happy that, through the certification process, progress can be seen, and I am confident that we will continue to implement and develop quality HR practices. ”

Kaufland offers their employees very good work conditions, there is an electronic record of working hours that ensures that the employees are paid for each minute of their work. Kaufland offers a 5-day work week in all business areas, and employees are also motivated by the benefits packages that are updated each year. Kaufland’s employees receive a symbolic gift for their birthday, they receive a Christmas gift box, Christmas bonus and a gift for their child, a gift package for every newborn child and a paid leave on the first day of primary school of their children. Kaufland also cares about the health of employees through various healthy life initiativesthat include workshops and education, healthy gifts, and co-financed sports programs. In order for the employees to have a chance to socialize outside the workplace, to get to know each other and to strengthen the team spirit, Kaufland organizes social gatherings in an informal atmosphere for all employees twice a year.

Kaufland also pays great attention to corporate social responsibility and organizes various CSR activities both in terms of care for the community and for its employees. One of these activities is the Green Day – a volunteer day that Kaufland employees participated in, by volunteering in more than 40 locations throughout the country and then landscaped and cleaned the environment.

The third consecutive Employer Partner certificate is only further encouragement and an indicator of how this company is moving in the right direction, with caring for the employees certainly being in the first place.