Points of You®

Points of You® methodology – personal, professional and organisational development methodology

Points of You® is used as a tool for facilitating group processes, creative components of educational programs, workshops and trainings, as well as for individual and team coaching.

points-of-you_2One of the foundational attributes of Points of You® methodology is the use of photographs, words, stories and questions leading to the unique engagement of an individual or group in their work on a particular theme. The result is the integration and “connection” between the right brain (which controls intuition and emotions) and the left brain (used for analysis).

Contemplating the photographs stimulates our creativity, while the words, which describe the themes which we are faced with in our everyday lives, activate our analytical mind. The result of this simultaneous stimulation of our emotions and logical thinking opens our minds to new insights and solutions.

points-of-you_3Every Points of You® photograph is carefully selected – every theme is portrayed visually (often in an unusual or uncommon way) and it is not apparent at first glance how it is connected to the following word, which fully encourages a thoughtful and emotional response.

points-of-you_1The method was conceived as a process which resembles a wave – in the beginning it opens the door for a large number of different perspectives on specific problems or situations. Whether it is a business strategy, values, team dynamic, decision making, time management, professional career management or any other theme which we deem important, including a situation where we want to make a necessary (or difficult) decision. The next step is designed to focus and guide us towards selection of a solution or to define a specific action plan – evaluating and selecting the option which we want to act upon and devising the next steps which will direct us to our goal.

The methodology encompasses two  sets of exceptionally rich tools:

  • The Coaching Game – based on work with photographs, words and stories (story telling)
  • Punctum – based on photographs, words and questions as drivers of the process

SELECTIO is an authorised user for administering the Points of You® methodology.