Design and redesign of organisational structure

Analysis of formal organisational structure and job descriptions provides an insight into the distribution of responsibility for the final outcome, chain of communication, efficiency of shared services usage, as well as adequacy of hierarchy levels and job titles.

Basic organisational structure analysis results:

  • objective situation overview and description of priorities (organisational changes, necessity for a more thorough process definition, new employments plan)
  • analysis of business processes between sectors (responsibility levels, chains of communication, relationship with internal and external clients)
  • analytical account of key business processes within a sector, with emphasis on key figures
  • analysis of potential illogicalities in the approach to problems and goals of a department (comparison of the Management’s standpoint and that of other key figures within a sector)
  • proposal for organisational changes (redefinition of particular function’s organisational belonging, main objectives and purpose of individual departments, suggestion of definition of shared services and introduction of potential additional functions)

We recommend organisational structure analysis as the first step in taking further measures in organisational development or redesign. An outline of the lack of coordination, inefficiency and lack of resources provides guidelines and suggestions for further action.