Prevention of discrimination and diversity management

SELECTIO keeps up with trends and practices in labour market and applies them in counselling clients and in the field of managing the diversity of human resources.

Current trends in labour market include:

  • increasing number of women in the total workforce, in various jobs and in leading positions
  • increasing participation of individuals with disabilities in the labour market – facilitated by both new technologies and legislative standards requiring more involvement on behalf of employers in their integration into the world of employment
  • more pronounced desire and possibility for members of various minorities to openly express their beliefs, lifestyles and customs
  • differences among generations and the ageing of workforce that influence the recruiting sources and employee retention strategies used, but also their working practices, requiring more flexible working conditions etc.
  • ever-growing legal framework in the area of human rights protection, fighting discrimination etc. by which even the employers from the private sector are bound.

Why is this important? Recognising the opportunities and needs of employees leads to generating more new and innovative ideas and exploiting more market opportunities, enrichment of the employees’ perspectives and their more active approach to work, protection against possible lawsuits and deterioration of the organisational climate, more dynamic work environment and attracting more desirable employees.

Our rich experience of cooperating with employers includes individual, interactive and practical approach and support in key areas of understanding and applying the contemporary practice in diversity management:

  • understanding Croatian legal framework pertaining to prevention of discrimination
  • counselling employers with regards to retaining and/or increasing the diversity of employees through all human resource management processes: evaluation, employment, development, promotions, compensations, improvement of the organisational culture etc.
  • introducing the world trends and best practice in Croatia
  • informing, educating and/or organising train-the-trainer workshops related to organisational diversity management
  • providing support to employers regarding the adjustment of work environment and integration of employees.