HR Audit and HR function design

HR Audit is an all-encompassing analysis of HRM process, with the aim of establishing detailed and structured insight into company’s present implementation of HRM function, accompanied by graphical representation of blind spots and excellent practices, and a proposal for required changes.

HR Audit includes:

  • documentation analysis and structured interviews
  • current HRM situation overview
  • detailed insight into recruitment and selection processes, employee education and development, internal communication, work assessment, reward system and strategic determinants in HRM
  • comparison of differences in priority areas of HRM in individual departments, as well as differences in HR management styles of each manager.

HR Audit results

  • analysis and review of key processes within the company, with graphical representation of blind spots, as well as excellent practices within HRM
  • benchmark analysis comparing situation to that in other companies in Croatia in general, as well as specifically in each industry.

HR Audit procedure consumes very little of your company’s time and is based on the proven methodology SELECTIO has been using and constantly developing for a number of years, on the basis of clients’ feedback.

On the basis of the insight gained during HR Audit, SELECTIO’s team of experts will propose optimal HR function design for your company, harmonized with business strategy.