Employee Retention Programmes

Employee retention programmes are focused on attracting, identifying and managing key employees’ career development.

The goal of employee retention programme implementation is the reduction of costs generated by unwanted turnover of employees and the increase of productivity due to company’s increased ability to attract talents.

Development of employee retention system includes all company levels

  • involvement of the Management
  • development of direct managers-leaders
  • understanding employees’ needs
  • support of team members.

Results of developing and implementing key employee retention programme are:

  • analysis of the fluctuation and the reasons behind unwanted turnover
  • survey and analysis of employees’ attitudes
  • preparing and organising workshops for the Management: motivation factors, motivation techniques and tools, responsibilities in creating positive organisational climate, commentary on results of satisfaction and attitude survey
  • definition of processes and procedures for using tools (entry questionnaires, feedback from candidates, monitoring orientation process, exit interview).