Employee Attitude and Work Satisfaction Survey – Engagement

Increasing work satisfaction is important for human values supported by the company, and just as much because of the benefits that an employer may have in decrease of absenteeism from work, reduced fluctuation, reduced the rate of absenteeism, better working atmosphere, as well as increased productivity, especially in some groups of employees.

The way employees perceive their work, superiors, colleagues, work environment and many other elements of employment relationship has a clear influence on business success. Reasons for satisfaction and dissatisfaction are not the same – focus on rewarding is sufficient for satisfying basic employee needs, but motivation and organisational climate orientated towards achieving excellent results are accomplished by meeting other (higher level) needs.

Phases and results of employee attitude and work satisfaction surveys

  • analysis of work surroundings, preparation of methodology for the survey, and the survey itself
  • analysis and interpretation of results
  • workshop with the Management on the subject of result analysis and drafting of corrective activities plan
  • reporting the results and corrective activities plan to the employees.

The result of the survey is an objective image of the indicators that affect productivity, with a possibility of comparison (temporal, internal, external).