The Four Rooms of Change®

The Four Rooms of ChangeThe Four Rooms of Change® is one of the most useful and most practical psychological models of change used in business. The concept describes how individuals, large and small organisations react in crisis, stress and development and everyday life. The model deals with change, with what happens to people and organisations in transition and with how they can influence the change process by taking responsibility for their emotions and actions. The model was developed by Swedish psychologist Claes Janssen, as a part of his research on the dynamics of change.

The Four Rooms® or four psychological states of mind – are contentment, self-censorship&denial, confusion&conflict and inspiration&renewal. The Four Rooms of Change matrix consists of two rooms resisting change – the first because the content person feels comfortable and relaxed, so there is no desire for change, and the second because a person is in the state of denial and refusing to change due to uncertainty or accepting the routine. The other two rooms are open to change because the climate of change prevails in the first one so there is a desire for change, and in the second room the person seeks the way out from such situation. During the crisis, we go from contentment to denial of the problem and through confusion to withdrawal, opening the pathway towards the wish for renewal and development. The above mentioned stages are applicable both for individuals and larger systems i.e. organisations. However, the ways in which individuals and organization move through rooms are quite different.

Two analytical tools are used – “Introduction to the Four Rooms of Change®”, which creates increased understanding and acceptance of all types of diversities in a team/organisation and “The Organizational Barometer®”, which helps organisation, an individual or a management team to find answers to the questions: What is our current condition? How do we feel about it? What do we want to do about it? Barometer uses 40 questions to measure the climate in a group or an organisation. Among other uses, the tool measures the readiness for change and provides the base for understanding the obstacles and real action planning. It enables real-time preparation, analysis and processing of the data through actively involving all employees. All the employees are included in creation of action plans and action management in a manner that the most urgent matters are addressed immediately and everybody takes part in the implementation of results. The effects of its implementation are very strong and even vital to the organisation. It is important to note that in order to work with the Four Rooms of Change theory/concept models and analytical instruments you must either be a certified user or if you want to work with the Four Rooms in your organization you must contact a certified user. And we are happy to report that we have such a person in our organization.

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