HEP Opskrba awarded the Employer Partner certificate

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded to HEP Opskrba for the second consecutive year. The award ceremony was held at the HEP Opskrba premises, and Mario Puntarić, Director of HEP Opskrba, received the Employer Partner certificate from Martina Kessler, Certificate Employer Partner project manager.

By obtaining the Employer Partner certificate, we have once again confirmed how important it is for us to quality manage the development of our employees, which is the key to successful business. HEP Opskrba is a customer-oriented company with more than 95,000 customers at the moment, and it is our employees who contribute most to the successful business results that have positioned HEP Opskrba as the leading electricity supplier in Croatia. We have proven that we have high standards in the field of human resources management and that it is important for us to provide all employees with equal opportunities for professional development.“, noted Mario Puntarić, Director of HEP Opskrba.

As part of the certification for the Employer Partner status, companies undergo a thorough analysis of their HRM processes in five major areas – Strategy, Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Training and Development, and Employee Relations. Compared to the last year’s certification process, HEP Opskrba achieved a higher result this year in four of the assessed areas, demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvements of its employee management processes.

HEP Opskrba particularly stood out with the results they have achieved in the area of employee training and development, with special emphasis on quality analysis of the educational needs of its employees, on high availability of various development programs to all employees, high investments in development, on quality assessment of the success of development programs and generally on promoting a culture of competence development among its employees.

Current holders of the Employer Partner certificate