HBOR confirms the high standards of the Certificate Employer Partner once again

Hrvatska banka za obnovu i razvitak achieved 87% of the total possible points in this year’s certification process and thus confirmed the Employer Partner status again. HBOR has been part of the SELECTIO’s Certificate Empoloyer Partner project since 2006, and as one of the five state-owned companies that are holders of the Certificate, they reaffirm their excellence when it comes to human resources management each year.

HBOR is continuously working on improving the recruitment and selection process and has excellent practices for informing candidates and protecting the data collected during the selection process, whereby all candidates are always provided with equal opportunities. HBOR emphasizes quality analysis of the educational needs of their employees, as well as providing various opportunities for improvement for all employees.

Moreover, HBOR shows how important their employees are to them with different practices that strive to stimulate the balance of their private and business lives, and so the employees have, for example, the possibility of flexible working hours and additional days of annual leave on the basis of their contribution to work, and they are also provided with the possibility of participating in HBORSPORT sports activities.

Ivana Mahovlić, Senior Executive Director at HBOR, accepted the Certificate Employer Partner from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

Confirming the Employer Partner status is a valuable acknowledgement to HBOR and to all our previous human resources management initiatives. Investing in people, putting employees in the focus of business and properly managing human resources is the most effective tool for sustainability and success in the long run. The certificate we won is a confirmation that we have so far had high standards in the human resources management process, but it is also an obligation to maintain and further improve the standards we have achieved“, noted Ivana Mahovlić.