Final conference of the project

Final conference of the project “Clubs for women – adapted individualized support to persistent unemployed women” was held on the 19th of November in Karlovac.

Project was carried out through the Women group “Korak” in partnership with the city Karlovac, company SELECTIO and in cooperation with the District Service of Croatian Employment Service in Karlovac. Project was financed by European Commission in context of the programme PHARE 2005, and by support of partners and associates.

The unique project of the Women group “Korak”, which was based on the model of support towards persistent unemployed women, that in other countries already for long time is achieving great results, obtained the exceptional sucess: from 60 women, which some of them where more than 15 years unemployed, 25 has found a work. They worked with six assistants for employing, from which two were from group “Korak”, and others were newcomers. SELECTIO with his skilled team tought assistants about providing support to persistent unemployed women by their newly integration on the labour market and active research for work.

On the final conference attends were, beside spokeswomen of “Korak”, the Mayor of Karlovac Damir Jelic, the Executive Director of the SELECTIO company, Vera Cubranic and the Principal of the District Service of Croatian Employment Service in Karlovac Ana Pozderac.

“Korak” for the first time dared to come in such project, said his Coordinator Sadika Zvirkic, and also added, that because of his great results it needs to be continued.

The Mayor of Karlovac Damir Jelic, confessed that he on the beginning of the project did not believe enough in this project and now it is showing that even on the little doors it can be entered and may be achieved big results. „It was not working only on the rational level, but also with the heart. I have also pull from this project the lesson, that by entering in these projects it should be enter with more hope.“, he said. He has also metaphorically expressed that this employment is “the new sunshine above Karlovac”.

The Executive Director of the SELECTIO company, Vera Cubranic, said that predictions of dynamic of the labour market in near future are clearly saying about the deficit of the work force, caused by general trend of population ageing and decreasing of natality, and that the solution of upcoming situation should be in dinamyzing of the labour market and making possible of the participation in work the part of the population whose current engagements are weaker serving. „Regarding to the general weaker participation of women on the labour market, caused mainly by impossibility of harmonization of family and business obligations, mainly initiatives were focused exactly towards enabling of active and flexible participation of women in the active work population. Interesting and not enough engaged population are also the older citizens, who posses certain experiences and attitudes which, despite new technologies and the trend of constant learning and improvement, young employees often miss. It is clear so that this project in his long-term viewing, innovative approach and individualized and adaptive methodology excellent responds to current and future challenges of the labour market.“, stated Cubranic.

„This was the pilot project in which we want to test its functioning in the practice and accomplished results. So how the results were good, we will tend that it becomes the usual way of work with the unemployed people, especially with the vulnerable groups.“, said the Head of the Project Violeta Vukobratovic, and highlighted how one of the problems on which they came across on this project was moonlighting.

Anyway, almost half of women which were participating in the project has been employed, and yet employing was not the primary purpose of this project, it was their empowerment for the quality and independent appearance in the search for work.