FINA gotovinski servisi rewarded for their quality employee management practices

FINA gotovinski servisi received the prestigious recognition Certificate Employer Partner after confirming, during the assessment process that consisted of auditing 45 of their employee management processes, that, in their business, they satisfy the high standards of the Certificate.

FINA gotovinski servisi have achieved the highest result in the field of Recruitment and Selection, where the independent certification team commended the company’s efforts to protect the candidates from discrimination, to ensure equal opportunities in selection procedures and to protect the data collected in the recruitment and selection process.

In addition to this, FINA gotovinski servisi have demonstrated their commitment to the continuous development of their HR practices and thus, in addition to the Recruitment and Selection field, they also achieved higher result in the area of ​​Performance Management, compared to the last year. Over the past year, FINA gotovinski servisi were especially devoted to caring for their employees, and were therefore actively working to improve monitoring and rewarding seasonal employees, as well as to adjusting employee salaries to the market.

Vedran Sabol, Chairman of the Board at Fina GS, accepted the Certificate Employer Partner from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

„We are delighted to be a proud holder of the Employer Partner Certificate for the fourth year in a row. As a state-owned company, to us this is an additional confirmation that the HR processes we apply do not lag behind the best HR practices in Croatia“, noted Vedran Sabol.