Sustainable impact – Innovation, Partnership, Relevance, Quality

Selectio aims to contribute to sustainable positive impact on the development of the labour market and human capital in Croatia and wider through projects in the public domain.

In doing so, we are guided by the following principles:

  • INNOVATIONS in the field of human resource management are the starting point for all our projects because we want the best practices and concepts from around the world to use them, rearrange and apply to the real needs that exist in Croatia. Thereby we are creating long-term added value to the human capital locally .
  • PARTNERSHIP with key stakeholders from the private , public and civil sectors guarantees to us an all-round perspective and widely applicable solutions in our projects . With partners we cultivate a close professional relationship for long-term cooperation .
  • RELEVANCE of our projects in relation to the actual local and national needs is ensured through continuous monitoring of sector development and communication with various stakeholders at national and local level. Due to years of experience and constant contact with our partners from various projects we remain constantly updated on recent developments and create projects that are needed and can make a change.
  • QUALITY ensures a real and long-lasting effect of our projects thus becomes the starting point in all of our projects . High quality standards we set for ourselves, as this also ensures the continuation of our work and we reain a desirable partner for co-operation for social change and human capital development .