Regional Competitiveness Development

Regional competitiveness and employment

SELECTIO as the leading private provider of consultancy services on human resource management to the private sector possesses a deep understanding of the needs of Croatian entrepreneurs of different sizes and in different sectors. Based on this, we work actively to increase the competitiveness of Croatian entrepreneurs, which, by joining to the EU common market, has become one of the main, if not the most important, element of economic development in the new conditions.

In doing so, we have defined several key areas in which we operate and where we spent significant and successful projects:

  • Support the development of business clusters
  • The development of entrepreneurial skills
  • Human Resource Management in SMEs

We will continue to work towards further improving the competitiveness of our businesses in these areas and new areas based on the needs. With regard to socially responsible work in this context, we are always interested in establishing new, high quality, functional partnerships with various organizations with whom together we can create new added social value.