Human resources development and labour market

SELECTIO as a leading private provider in the Croatian labour market (in ​​recruitment and selection as well as in the field of human resources consulting) is actively working towards the further development of the Croatian labour market in order to become competitive and inclusive within the common EU labour market.

In doing so, we have defined several key areas in which we operate and in which we have implemented significant and successful projects:

  • Support for youth employment
  • Supporting the employment of people with disabilities
  • Support the employment of other marginalized groups in the labour market ( long-term unemployed, women, etc.)
  • Managing diversity and non-discrimination in the labour market
  • Development of support for career development within the lifelong learning
  • Gender equality in the labour market
  • Support the civil sector for a more active role in the labour market for marginalized groups
  • Encouragement and support for intersectoral collaboration (private, public and civil sector) in local labour markets

We will continue to work towards further improvement of the labour market in these areas and new areas based on real needs. With regard to our socially responsible work in this context, we are always interested in establishing new, high quality, functional partnerships with various organizations with whom together we can create new added social value.