Public development projects and EU funds

Development of human resources is one of the key factors of social development and is recognized as such by the Croatian state. The area of human resource development was one of the main development areas in the process of accession to the European Union and considerable funds from the EU have been invested in this area and the development of the sector is to intensify even more since becoming an EU member.

SELECTIO has so far been one of the leading actors in Croatia in the development, promotion and implementation of innovative models of human resource development.

In doing so, we focused on the following thematic areas

  • The development of the labor market (in a strategic partnership with the Institute for Labour Market Development –
  • Development of human resources in the public sector
  • Increasing regional competitiveness through the development of entrepreneurship

Our comprehensive project implementation approach we achieve through the following services:

  • Design project concepts
  • Creating partnerships with organizations from the public, private and civil sector
  • Defining options to finance projects through various EU funds and complete the preparation of the necessary documentation for successful application
  • Professional management of various types of projects (grants, technical assistance, framework contract, etc.) and practical knowledge of procedures based on many years of experience of implementation
  • Professional contribution in the implementation of projects through a variety of consulting services (for more information, see “Consulting“)
  • Professional relationship with project partners and building sustainable collaboration and project results

Our previous projects involved collaboration with a diverse array of partner organizations and we are proud of the contribution we have made to human development in Croatia.