Erste Bank awarded the Employer Partner certificate for the sixth year in a row

The Employer Partner certificate was awarded again this year to Erste&Steiermärkische Bank, for the sixth year in a row. In this year’s certification process, Erste Bank achieved remarkable 98% of the total possible points, with the maximum score in areas regarding recruitment and selection and performance management, thus demonstrating commitment to quality human resource management.

Erste Bank attributes great importance to respecting and celebrating diversity, which is something they confirmed by defining the goal of having 35% of women in Board and Supervisory Board in ESB group by the end of 2020. The Bank also places emphasis on promoting health and well-being among employees, and the benefits regarding that segment are equally accessible to all employees, no matter their position or role within the organization.

Special emphasis is placed on communicating openly with employees, including employees in strategic priorities and goals and on continuous gathering of feedback through formal and informal channels. A significant shift was made in flexibility of work and in introducing new work arrangements aimed at improving the balance of private and business life of employees.

Erste Bank also gives back to the community through a well-developed volunteering system that is expanded and promoted each year, with all employees being involved in volunteering activities of their own interest, during their working hours.

Development of employees is also one of the company’s priorities, so training and development are available to everyone. In 2018, all employees have gone through some of the additional forms of education offered by the company, and, as Erste Bank believes that the best way to learn is through a combined approach, the Bank offers its employees different opportunities and different types of educational programmes: seminars, trainings, workshops, conferences, job and mentor education, as well as coaching, job rotations, e-learning and project learning.

Christoph Schoefboeck, CEO, and Maja Crnjak, Head of Human Resources, accepted the Certificate Employer Partner from Aleksandar Zemunić, Member of the Management Board of SELECTIO.

Every day in Erste Bank, we strive to be aware of our fundamental purpose, which is the prosperity of the society we live and work in. Talking about prosperity can only be done if our employees, who are in daily contact with the clients, feel good and fulfilled in the work environment. We have made great strides last year, but we are aware that a lot of work is still ahead of us. Once every employee of our Bank and of the Group feels fulfilled and satisfied in the workplace, we will be able to say that we have achieved our goal and ensured the engagement that drives our organization“, noted Christoph Schoefboeck, CEO.

Although we are pleased with the result we have achieved this year, our job is to never stop and to continuously consider what we can improve and how we can help our employees to deal with constant changes. There are great challenges ahead of us all and our role is to help the organization and the people to also see these challenges as an opportunity for their development, career and better life in general. We do not lack ideas, and through quality communication and collaboration with management and employees, I believe we can do a lot more“, said Maja Crnjak, Head of Human Resources.