Employers that stood out in the year of the pandemic

Since April, SELECTIO has been awarding the Excellence During Challenges award to companies that have shown they truly care for their employees during this challenging pandemic year. In addition to emphasizing the importance of focusing on employees, the goal of the Excellence During Challenges award is the exchange of initiatives and good practices that many companies have started in this period full of challenges and unpredictable circumstances.

The companies that received this award went through an independent evaluation of their HR practices. The areas in which the companies were evaluated were agility and adaptability, work organization and communication with employees during the crisis, as well as initiatives launched to ensure physical health, safety and well-being of the employees and technological readiness of the company for new ways of working.

The latest holders of this award are Coca-Cola HBC Hrvatska, Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and Tifon.

This year, Coca-Cola provided support to employees in the form of the Employee Assistance Program, with a number of additional initiatives, such as lectures and seminars on mental health, coping with stress and wellbeing. Coca-Cola states that in this challenging period, it is important to monitor the needs of employees in order to provide them with support in a timely manner, and to this end, Coca-Cola conducts regular pulse checks of employee satisfaction. During this period, Coca-Cola also focused on corporate social responsibility and donated $375,000 to the Red Cross to fight the COVID-19 and for people affected by the Zagreb earthquake, as well as donated thousands of litres of donations in products.

JTI points out that during this period they focused on what they as a company can do to make employees feel safe and motivated. All employees whose job description allowed it were transferred to work from home, employees’ salaries were intact, and all existing material benefits were retained. Additional health insurance is available to employees, which includes a full range of services such as psychological and psychiatric support. During this period, special initiatives such as virtual exercises and team coffees were introduced to maintain a sense of togetherness and belonging.

Tifon has put health and safety of all their employees and customers first, as well as providing timely information and a sense of security to all employees and customers. This was made possible by detailed plans for internal and external communication, which was transparent and systematic throughout this period. Tifon states that they have enabled work from home to employees whose nature of work allows it, and that all employees are continuously supplied with all necessary protective equipment, tools and educational materials. What the company is most proud of in this period is that the continuity of business has not been called into question at any time, thanks to the adjustment, solidarity and mutual support of Tifon’s employees.