Employers that stand out during the pandemic awarded the Excellence During Challenges recognition

SELECTIO has announced the latest recipients of the Excellence During Challenges award. It is a recognition with which, since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we reward those employers who demonstrate a high level of care for their employees.

Employers are evaluated in several categories to obtain this recognition. Areas that are evaluated are companies’ adaptability and flexibility, organization of work and communication with employees in times of crisis, initiatives that have been launched to ensure the health and well-being of employees and the companies’ technological readiness for new ways of working.

The newest recipients of this recognition are:



Enna grupa

In Elos, a leading company in Croatia for the design and engineering of lighting solutions, they point out that they are focused on motivating communication and providing support and a sense of security to their employees, and that they were not forced to lay off employees due to the pandemic crisis, but were also able to also reward the engagement of their employees through salary growth. They emphasize that during the entire period of the pandemic, all preventive epidemiological measures were being effectively implemented and that employees whose nature of work allows it are enabled to work from home.

Franck enabled their employees to work from home with all the necessary equipment during the pandemic, while they also provided transportation to the workplace for those employees who, due to the nature of their work, have to work on site. Employee benefits remained the same, and the company’s caring approach to their employees was also evidenced by a recent satisfaction survey in which as many as 81% of employees participated. The results showed, among other things, that employees highly value transparency in communication, a clear and stable structure of the company, and the fact that they are actively involved in making important decisions.

In Enna grupa, they emphasize that thanks to the quickly formed strategic crisis team and the flexibility of the organization, they were able to adapt to all unforeseen situations and that salaries and all benefits for employees during the pandemic were preserved, but also further expanded. In Enna grupa, during the pandemic period, the primary emphasis was on health, educating employees and quality implementation of epidemiological measures for protection against coronavirus. Safety protocols for COVID 19, earthquakes and natural disasters for companies in Croatia, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina have were adopted. The highest epidemiological standards were ensured at all locations, and work from home alternated with working from the company offices depending on the epidemiological situation in each country. At the same time, they tried to maintain the team spirit and health of employees by offering them customized nutrition and exercise programs, psychological and motivational support, and a program for personal and professional development of employees – Ennovation. Enna grupa also showed care for the community in which they operate by donating significant financial amounts to the health system, and by donating respirators for hospitals and delivery vehicles to the Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Interior.